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Captain's dead. by htrevor28 Captain's dead. :iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 2 0 Can't radio my Captain. by htrevor28 Can't radio my Captain. :iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 1 0 It left. by htrevor28 It left. :iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 0 0 Oh, fuck. by htrevor28 Oh, fuck. :iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 1 0 Not deterred. by htrevor28 Not deterred. :iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 0 0 That went badly... by htrevor28 That went badly... :iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 0 0 We're gonna blow it out of the airlock. by htrevor28 We're gonna blow it out of the airlock. :iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 0 0 Heard some scary shit. by htrevor28 Heard some scary shit. :iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 0 0 I'm not an actor, alright? by htrevor28 I'm not an actor, alright? :iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 0 0 Using what I got. by htrevor28 Using what I got. :iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 1 0 Trying for in-universe. by htrevor28 Trying for in-universe. :iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 0 0 Guess who got hired by Weyland-Yutani? by htrevor28 Guess who got hired by Weyland-Yutani? :iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 0 5
Robin: Conflict-Reboot Issue 7.
"Don't let your personal feelings get in the way of your judgment. One girl isn't worth risking Gotham or anything else." Bruce said coldly.
"Screw you! I'll do ANYTHING to help Caitlin! You don't like it, take your uniform back!" Tim said defiantly.
"Congratulations. I was waiting for this moment. You have the night off. Nightwing, patrol The Narrows. I'll deploy Huntress and Cassandra to cover Tim's route." Bruce said.
"Okay. I hate these tests of yours, by the way." Tim said.
"Take her somewhere nice. Take your gear, just in case." Dick said.
"Really? What happened to a night off?" Tim asked.
"It's a precaution." Dick urged.
"Fine, whatever." Tim relented.
Dick packed a bag for Tim of his gear. Oracle made sure that the gear was remotely deactivated.
"Have fun, bro." Dick joked.
Tim was waiting for Cait at a restaurant and analyzing ways to escape.
"Knock it off, Drake. Focus." Tim said.
Cait approached in a black dress and curly golden hair.
Tim felt his heart skip a beat and his m
:iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 0 0
Robin: Conflict-Reboot Issue 6.
Location: Central City.
Time: 12:00 p.m.
My name is Barry Allen and I am The Fastest Man Alive.
The Rogues of Central City had done their usual shtick of robbing banks and the like.
I rounded them up and took them to CCPD per usual.
But I couldn't shake the feeling that something more was going on.
There were reports of a man in yellow suit with red lightning attacking places like Mercury Labs, Project Cadmus, etc.
Eobard Thawne aka Reverse-Flash.
The man who killed my mother.
I try to avoid bringing too much emotion into cases when I investigate as either Barry or Flash, but I don't think anyone would fault me for being upset at this.
I stopped at S.T.A.R. Labs to check in with my pals.
"Barry, I've been trying to track Thawne, but homie's using some hardcore tech. You said he was fast, but this is insane, bro." Cisco said.
"Try thermal imaging and vibrational frequencies from his lightning." Caitlin said.
"Keep an eye on all tech suppliers, guys. Thawne's got a plan. He always has pl
:iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 2 0
Robin: Conflict-Reboot Issue 5.
Location: Star City.
Time: 8:25 p.m.
Green Arrow shot explosive arrows at Bronze Tiger. Oliver was ruthless and relentless.
The Emerald Archer had become a one man army enacting brutal justice on those who would harm his city.
"This ends with an arrow inside you, Tiger. You decide where!" Ollie said.
"You don't have the guts, Arrow." Tiger countered.
Oliver drew a League of Assassins sword and fiercely fought the member of Task Force X. When he saw an opening, Ollie shot two arrows into Tiger's legs and held his bow over Tiger's head.
"You have failed this city." Ollie said darkly.
The words were coming to him easily.
An ear-piercing scream floored Oliver and caused him to hold his head.
"Sorry, GA. This is for your own good." Dinah Lance said as she handcuffed Tiger and alerted the cops. Dinah took Ollie to his penthouse and dropped him on his couch.
"Ollie, when you wake up, we're gonna talk at length about this."
When Oliver came to, he slowly got up and tried to punch Dinah.
She qu
:iconhtrevor28:htrevor28 0 0
Robin: Conflict-Reboot Issue 4.
Caitlin was shallow, vapid, and dumb.
Fine by ME. The lives of everyone in Gotham matter more than one girl.
Bruce trained me later, kept me focused. I have a job. Some dumbass valley girl wasn't important.
Lucius improved the suit. Now the Birdarangs just slide automatically into my hand as does most everything in my belt.
Improved carry weight and agility at the expense of protection is a good trade off.
Got a tip that Quinn was near Cooke's mall.
If I weren't a good guy, I'd let her demolish it.
Silently sliding a smoke bomb and an explosive Birdarang into my hand, I felt.......angry.
I ignored it and focused. Have to focus. Keeping myself centered kept me from being killed.
I threw the bomb and Birdarang and grappled to them.
The grunts were easy. Always are.
For some reason, I decided to go ballistic on Quinn. I kept wailing on her, breaking some of her ribs.
I contacted the GCPD and left.
On my way back, I heard a familiar voice.
I recklessly charged towards the sound.
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I don't wanna be as worthless as Brian Griffin when he wrote HIS crap. I am gonna be better. I know it!


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I'm gonna get better.



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